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The China Automotive Interiors Summit was successfully held in Shanghai, China.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:83

The China Automotive Interiors Summit was successfully held in Shanghai, China.

On October 19-20, 2017, Dussei successfully organized the “2017 China Automotive Interiors Summit” at Shanghai Marriott Hongqiao Hotel, China. The two-day meeting provided a detailed interpretation of in-car air quality, the development and application of new materials and technologies, and market trends.

On the first day of the meeting, the Tianjin Automobile Inspection Center (National Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) first carried out a detailed analysis of standards and regulations related to automotive air quality. . Subsequently, regarding the application of \"sensory quality\" and HVAC systems in automobile development, the director of Chery Automotive Interior Technology Research Institute and the responsibleThe of Nissan\'s air conditioning and cooling system gave real illustrations and analysis. The President of Chery Technology Research Institute indicates that the quality, performance, safety, appearance, configuration, etc. represent more than 50% of the factors in consumers purchasing a car. With the continuous improvement of quality and safety, brand, style, interior design, sensory quality, etc. increasingly become the key direction to improve the competitiveness of automobiles. In the final summary, he said that automobile design should fully consider human needs, create a safe, comfortable and pleasant driving space for customers, provide personal care, and then create a high-quality feeling, which is become an important factor in victory. clients. Consequently, automotive design places more and more emphasis on sensory quality requirements.lle, that is to say the comprehensive consideration of human feelings, including vision, smell, touch, hearing, convenience, comfort and subjective feelings. Finally, the day\'s meeting also provided an in-depth analysis of in-car air quality management and pollutant control technologies for interior products.

On the second day of the conference, new materials, new technologies and new trends in automotive interiors became the focus of interpretation. At the meeting, the onboard air quality experts of BAIC Research Institute first introduced the onboard air quality control management system and technical system of BAIC, and left of various aspects such as mandatory VOC standards, new national VI standards, VOC indices and C. -ECAP. , draws up an inventory of the current contextmonitoring of air quality on board vehicles. Experts said that the air quality inside the car is mainly caused by VOCs, odors, atomization, particles, etc. In addition to improving the whole vehicle from the four aspects of system, management capabilities, technical capabilities and attention, we should also focus on the indoor air quality control system. Focus on management and technology and keep improving. Subsequently, other invited experts also analyzed the applications and development trends of low-emission technologies. leather, lubricants/greases/coatings, VOC odors, etc. The meeting finally concluded with a panel discussion on “How to make the car a better third living space”.

As Duxes\' premier automotive interiors industry conference, thisconference provides opportunities to lead the development trend of the automotive interiors industry, explore innovative technologies and improve the driving experience. International industry professionals created an excellent business opportunity. Many guests who participated in the meeting said on the spot that the interpretation of innovative technologies and materials for automobile interiors at this meeting was very profound, and they look forward to more similar opportunities to strengthen the \'learning and exchanges in the industry, so that the Chinese automotive industry from within can be better positioned. Kuaidi matches its title as “the world’s leading automobile consumer market”.