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The Application of Color fastness to washing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-05 Click:990

Color fastness to washing is the common quality parameter, which is considered very important from the point of view of consumers. This test determines the loss & change of colour in the washing process by a consumer and the possible staining of other garments or lighter portion that may be washed with it.

It is always useful and interesting to test the dye which is to be used on a sample of the yarn or fabric to be dyed. The outcome will depend on the fabric, the mordant that has been used and dye that has have been chosen. Testing is best carried out on a series of Groundnuts marked (for identification) samples, which have been mordanted with a number of different mordants.

The test is used to predict the performance of any dyed or printed textile product to the common washing process using a detergent and additives. Some of the test conditions in ISO and all the AATCC conditions are designed to simulate the behaviour of the textile after 5 domestic or commercial launderings.