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Textile Testing Problem And Development

Author:QINSUN Released in:2018-07 Click:1283

Textile industry is the traditional advantage pillar industry of our country, jiangsu is the textile export big province. However, there are many problems in textile testing in China. On July 18, inspection and quarantine bureau, jiangsu industrial center held the important scientific research seminars, research foundation again public inspection detection technology and important industry detection technology in scientific research projects.

Textile Testing Problem And Development


Now, toxic and harmful substances in the textiles limited projects at home and abroad more and more, limited demand is higher and higher, and the existing detection methods less slowly check, inspection, low accuracy and high cost problems. For the detection of the banned azo dye in textiles, a sample is required to use 80 ml of toxic reagent, and each dye material needs to have multiple detection methods. China is a large exporter of textiles, but the textile testing instrument still relies on imports.It's not only a huge burden on the experimenter, but also a lot of time and money.


The core of scientific research lies in serving the society and creating value, which is the aim of scientific research innovation in the center. So, the center in the process of research, for the first time systematically biological immune technique was applied to textiles in many kind of harmful material detection, successful development of elisa kit and jinbiao immune chromatography test paper, the testing cost down to one over ten of the original.


"Our biological immunoassay kit and paper strip, though small, can bring considerable economic benefits to companies and testing institutions." Mr. Hou said the kits and paper strips cost only a few yuan to dozens of yuan, but could replace the multi-million yuan analysis apparatus that is monopolized by foreign countries. The detection technology method established by the project research has been successfully applied to the social detection, saving the detection cost of RMB 3.21 million. At the same time, this results in jiangsu province textile industry collaborative innovation alliance member unit of science and technology popularization and application, the 10 new application unit sales of 65.44 million yuan, profit of 17.35 million yuan, tax 3.71 million yuan, the cost savings of 11.07 million yuan.