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Testing principles and characteristics of air permeability tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:76

Air permeability testerTest principle

Under a certain temperature and humidity, maintain a certain gas pressure difference on both sides of the sample and measure the low pressure of the sample The changes in lateral pressure of the gas are used to calculate the air permeability and the air permeability coefficient. Brief introduction to the testing process of BTY-B1P air permeability tester. After the test starts, the system automatically displays the relationship between air permeability pressure and time on the computer screen in real time. When the system default or stop condition is reached, the test stops and then, depending on the operator\'s needs, determines whether to issue a test report or perform other operations on the data.

Air Permeability TesterFeatures:

·Perform independent tests at tthree chambers and can perform any test in the combined mode The appearance design is fashionable and a large number of new high-tech structural materials are used The advanced technology of \'insulation against heat and humidity makes the test conditions more stable and consistent · The test mode can be selected according to the experiment, highlighting the flexibility of the test

· Test selection of the plan: fully automatic, manual intervention, differential pressure method testing principle, classic standard, widely used

·High precision pressure sensor, accurate data, high efficiency

·Real-time display of test temperature and humidity, graphical data display, the test is clear at a glance

·The testing technology is new and closer to actual production and lifespan

·Fully automatic computermonitoring, expansion of software functions, human-machine interaction becomes more friendly

·The system has the functions of error correction, temperature drift suppression and error repair

·It can facilitate the storage, querying and printing of test files; The content of the test report is complete

·Strong safety overload capabilityflexibility and dual software and hardware overload protection functions