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Test working process of pilling tester with brush

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:194

Product Description:

The brush pilling tester is mainly used to test fabrics in wool, the purely chemical fiber ball state of cotton, blended, knitted and woven fabrics to identify product quality and process effect. Fabric is tested by rubbing against a nylon brush and abrasive or in conditioned condition only. Here, Shanghai Qianshi tells you that the operation procedure of brush pilling tester for textile pilling experiment is not complicated. The main steps of the specific experiment are as follows:

1. Pre-test preparation :

1. Before testing, the instrument should be kept level and the brush clean nylon. If the instrument is used daily, clean it at least oncetimes per week. cleaningClean the brush with a suitable solvent (eg acetone), paint the boundary with a hand brush and cut the protruding nylon threads with clips.

2. Place the foam pads, test pieces and abrasives on the test chuck or table grinding with the specimen facing outward.

2. According to Table 1, adjust the compression weight and friction rotation of the chuck of the sample. Other fabrics can be tested with similar fabrics as shown in the table or select test parameters and abrasives separately.

sample type pressure, cN pilling number pilling number

Chemical fiber knit 590 150 150

Synthetic Fabric 590 50 50

Military Uniform (heather combed) 490 30 50

ComBettwolleMaterial 780 0 600

Carded wool 490 0 50

3. Take out the sample and compare the corresponding standard photos by the size, density and shape of the pellets on the sample in the evaluation box. Level 0.5 evaluates the level pilling of each sample. If the pilling If the condition on the front side of the pattern is abnormal, note it and explain it according to its impact on the appearance.

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