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Test method and description of drum shear أداة الاختبار –

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Test method and description of roller shear

Drum shear:

Belongs to the field of ceramic production equipment, specifically involves a green body cutting device of fiber porcelain plates.
It includes a carrier and transport mechanism that transports the blank through the cutting station. It is characterized by a roller cutting mechanism with a driving mechanism placed horizontally above the rolling and carrying mechanism; the cutting mechanism consists of camshafts arranged at both ends of the drum. It is composed of a sleeve, a sliding shaft and a knife arranged in the drum cavity; a position control component is provided above the drum; the position control component is electrically connected to the drum control unit.
The advantages of this utility model are: continuous automatic operation,adjustable drum speed and ability to adapt to different blank transport speeds. It not only has high working efficiency, but also has cutting precision and flatness suitable for producing large format ultra-fine fiber porcelain slabs. need.

Test as follows:

Adjust the roller so that the foam sample obtains a constant force of 130±2. Measure the downward force by wrapping a light fabric sling around the center of the roller, holding the scale vertically above the roller, and keeping the roller horizontal to the pivot axis.

Adjust the roller or mounting base vertically by holding the specimen in place and lowering the roller so that it is supported by the specimen. Observe the relationship between the pivot and the roller and adjust the vertical height so that the axis is in a roughly horizontal plane at the start of the experiment.

IInstall the sample on the base pressure plate so that the longest side of the sample is parallel to the stroke of the dynamic fatigue tester, and fix it with tape and parts metal positioning. When installing the center piece, it must be installed on the pressure plate. Reset the counter, start the machine and select 8,000 cycles (program A) or 20,000 cycles (program B) or the number of cycles specified by the customer for a sample fatigue test.