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Technology empowers the digital transformation of the smart construction site industry

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:76

Currently, domestic enterprises are increasing their efforts to develop towards digital economy, intelligent economy, and new generation information technology. Meanwhile, with the support of a series of national policies, new infrastructure has also become a hot topic in the current construction market.

How to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of the construction industry has always been a concern. As a model of integrated management of construction sites, smart construction sites have changed the interaction, working, and management modes of traditional on-site management among all parties involved in construction. They have achieved visualization and intelligence in engineering management, greatly improved construction safety, and promoted the construction of "smart cities", making urban construction more refined, urban environment more harmonious, and urban life more livable.

Digitalization and visualization of intelligent platforms

The smart construction site management platform, as the central system of construction site management, utilizes new generation information skills such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to monitor real-time dynamic information such as construction site progress, important equipment, and personnel management, achieving integrated construction site operations.

Secondly, achieve cloud sharing of data. A smart construction site can integrate various software systems and intelligent devices within the site into a unified platform, collect the generated data, form a database, achieve data interconnection and linkage, and present goals, data, and analysis results to managers in a visual data format. This can effectively promote the digitization, online, and intelligence of construction sites, greatly improving the controllability and quality assurance of each engineering project.

Intelligent hardware products entering the construction site

On smart construction sites, construction robots, drones, and various intelligent devices have become standard equipment for construction. To enter the "smart construction site", the first step is to brush your face at the smart gate. The facial recognition attendance system can record personnel's entry and exit time, quantity, job type, and other data, providing a basis for project attendance and personnel configuration. The construction site is also equipped with sensors and cameras, which can monitor the temperature, humidity, PM2.5, noise, and other conditions of the construction site in real time, remotely, and automatically. It can also be viewed through mobile devices such as mobile phones. Once the data exceeds the limit, an automatic alarm will be triggered, and functions such as parallel operation of the fog gun machine and spray system will be activated.

In addition, the emergence of intelligent inspection robots has changed the traditional methods of subjective personnel inspection and manual paper-based recording, and is not constrained by factors such as climate conditions, environmental factors, personnel quality, and management mechanisms. It also provides intelligent feedback and processing of inspection data, greatly improving inspection effectiveness and accuracy.

Research investment and talent introduction

The system operation and management of smart construction sites ultimately require the deployment of professional personnel. On the one hand, further increase investment in scientific research, continuously optimize smart construction site solutions, innovate smart hardware applications, and improve the automation and intelligence level of smart construction sites; On the other hand, we will increase the introduction of talents from research institutions, strengthen cooperation, focus on cultivating new talents in the new era, expand the team of market personnel, and make the concept of smart construction sites more accepted by more construction units.

Conclusion: In the future, in order to improve the level of information technology in engineering management and ultimately achieve green ecological construction, it is necessary to implant more high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensing technology, virtual reality, etc. into various objects such as buildings, personnel wearing facilities, site entrances and exits, in order to establish an "interconnected and collaborative, intelligent production, and scientific management" construction project information ecosystem.