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Technological Innovation Helps Qinghai’s New Energy Technology Continuously Improve

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:23

Improve photovoltaic conversion rate, extend solar thermal energy storage time, enhance the manufacturing level of wind power intelligent equipment, and steadily build two new energy bases with a capacity of tens of millions of kilowatts in Hainan and Haixi.

In Hainan Province, key breakthroughs have been made in key industry challenges such as multi energy complementary scheduling, energy storage technology, and new battery production. The large Longyangxia 850 MW water solar complementary power station and the first "100 MW solar photovoltaic power generation demonstration base" in China have been built, filling the gap in the field public testing platform for photovoltaic modules and balance components in China. In Haixi Prefecture, China's first large-scale commercial trough solar thermal power plant and tower type molten salt energy storage solar thermal power plant have been built, filling the gap in China's large-scale trough solar thermal power generation technology and making China officially the eighth country in the world to have a large-scale solar thermal power plant. The construction of a multi energy complementary technology innovation demonstration project integrating wind, solar, thermal storage, and load regulation in Golmud has improved the level of safe operation and control of the power grid, providing strong technical support for the province's "Green Power 15" and the construction of ultra-high voltage direct current projects from Qinghai to Henan. In Xining City, a preliminary R&D and manufacturing industry chain integrating polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, solar cells and inverters, photovoltaic brackets, etc. has been established. A polycrystalline silicon production capacity of 20000 tons has been built, with 750 megawatts of crystalline silicon modules. The production capacity of products such as inverters and aluminum frames can be matched with the construction of photovoltaic modules and power stations of the same scale.

During the 14th Five Year Plan period, the Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province will, in accordance with the arrangements and deployments of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, adhere to the goal of creating a national clean energy demonstration province, focus on key technology research and application demonstrations in photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power, energy storage, hydrogen energy, and other areas. The department will deploy innovation chains around the industrial chain, layout the industrial chain around the innovation chain, and build a clean energy industry technology system with resource advantages, Support the construction of a national new energy industry base.