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Technical Parameter Analysis of DIN Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2017-10 Click:1096

Product Introduction

DIN abrasion tester is suitable for the wear resistance of polyester sole, shoe sole and the polymer sheet material test. In the case of the rotation of grinding wheel, the specimen abrades against the sand paper to generate abrasion loss. Then the abrasion performance is evaluated. The grinding machine is features with good reproducibility and easy operation.

Technical Parameter Analysis of DIN Abrasion Tester

Applicable Standard:

JS K6264/ISO4649/ISO23794


Technical Parameters:

Roller diameter: Ф150mm

Abrasion stoke: 40±0.2M

Stoke setting: 20m/40m preset

Holder lateral displacement: 4.20±0.04r/min

Roller rotation speed: 40±1r/min

Test mode: autorotation/ non-autorotation, preset

Load: 2.5±0.1N,5±0.1N,10±0.1N

Sand paper: 60# made by Germany

Volume: 95*66*31cm

Weight: 55kg

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ


Main Features:

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Grinding circle: the 60# sand paper (400㎜ width ×472.5㎜ lengths) is attached on the cylinder by 3 double-sided adhesive tapes. The ends of the sand paper shall meet at one of the three adhesive tapes, any gap between them not exceeding 2mm.

Specimen holder: Clamping specimens, the size of the specimens for 16 ㎜in diameter and thickness of 6 ~ 16 ㎜.

Weight: the holder weights 2.5N. Another 2.5N weight and 5N weight supplied for use with any combination.

Specimen rotation spindle:for specimen rotation.

Anti-dust shield: protect drive parts and prevent dust and improper loss.

Circular knife: for cutting out the specimen of 16mm in the diameter, suitable for general drilling machine.

Standard rubber: 175 x 116 x 8cm, random 1 piece, about one year validity.