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taber5900 reciprocating wear testing machine / reciprocating wear tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:116

Product name:

taber5900 Reciprocating Abrasion Tester / Reciprocating Abrasion Tester

Application range:

taber5900 reciprocating abrasion tester/reciprocating abrasion tester is used to test the scratch and abrasion resistance of coatings, plastics, decorative fabrics, car interiors, pile fabrics, etc. The LCD screen controls and displays the testing process, and parameters such as the number of reciprocating scrapes, movement strokes and reciprocating movement speeds can be set according to user needs. The unique friction arm design realizes the replacement of various friction heads. The execution of pressure is precisely controlled according to the principle of lever balance. Fully meet the different requirements of different standards for friction shape, friction head, pressure, etc. During the test, the test sample is placed on a horizontal sample platform.xed and supported with the horizontal movement of the sample platform under the specified abrasive and load. The other end of the test arm is equipped with a weight to maintain the balance of the test arm to ensure the accuracy of the load on the sample surface. Abrasives and loading frames are height adjustable to accommodate samples of different heights.

Technical parameters:

Stroke range: 6-120 mm adjustable

Speed ​​range: 1-100 reciprocation/min infinitely adjustable

LCD screen control, you can set parameters such as speed, reciprocating movement times

LCD screen displays test status in real time and controls Two station design saves test time

Complies multiple standards Requirements, can be equipped with weights and friction heads according to user needs

Weight: about 48.5 kg

Dimensions: 532mm * 471mm * 630mm (W *D*H)

Power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 1A

Instrument accessories:

1 host

2 sets of test armsweight 6 code sets (1N, 2N, 2.5N, 5N, 10, 24N)

2 15 grinding heads (semicircle R18, length 40 mm)

2 sets of sample holders

1 brush

Grinding head repair sandpaper 1 pack (20 pieces)

Stainless steel abrasive fixed

Instrument features:

A simpler reciprocating wear test machine

This test machine will focus on the visual evaluation of the wear test, and the varieties include basic level TYPE:30 and stepless speed control TYPE:30S of the function, the number of times automatic stop function. In addition, there are two-arm specifications and four-arm specifications that can perform multiple tests under the same conditions.

Multi-level movement speed and distance can be changed

By adjusting the installation position of the eccentric cam, the movement speed and movement can beThe positioning distance of the work table can also be set in steps. In addition, TYPE: 30S can also set the stepless movement distance through the digital dial.