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Taber wear testing machine for testing wooden floor experiment

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:102

The Taber wear resistance testing machine can be used for the wear resistance performance of flooring, plywood, glass, rubber and other materials. It is divided into domestic and imported. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can independently develop and produce household equipment. Customers who need to import can also help you solve it.

Abrasion index calculation formula:

Abrasion loss weight/test revolutions*1000

Wheel model optional :

H18, H22, CS10, CS17, CS32, CS33, etc.

In addition, the standard group engineer said that the floor will be frequently stepped on, and sometimes it will be bumped, scratched, etc. ., so the floor Excellent wear resistance has always been a hot spot for consumers. High wear resistance is one of the outstanding properties of coatings.laminate flooring, and the wear resistance value is a necessary index to measure the performance of laminate flooring. For the laminate floor in the home environment, the wear resistance index of the first level is more than 6000 rotations, and the second level is more than 4000 rotations.

Test Standard:

QB/T2726-2005, GB/T4085, ASTM D4060, ASTM D1175, D1044, DIN53754, 53799, 53109, 52347, ISO5470.

Wear resistance test method:

1. Use 180 mesh sandpaper to polish the floor surface for 20-50 laps, and then judge whether the wear-resistant layer is good or not. bad.

Use standard sandpaper to put it on the grinding wheel (a special machine to test the wear resistance value), weigh the floor, and then put the floor surface on the grinding wheel for 100 rounds, then keep weighing the floor! If the soil weight is less than 0.08g, it meansthat the wear resistance of the floor surface is not qualified, and the quality of the floor is not qualified. If the missing weight is less than 0.08g, the soil quality is qualified. The country stipulates that the standard solid wood floor surface wear resistance parameter value is \"or = 0.08g/100 wear value.

2. Use a metal object to scratch the floor surface many times, because aluminum oxide is a kind of metal particle, the friction sound is like the sound of metal rubbing against each other, it is very loud and it does not There is no wear-resistant layer floor, the voice is hoarse and not loud. However, the current general-purpose scratch detection is not scientific, and no traces can be drawn on high hardness floors or high glue content.