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taber wear test machine, wear test machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:148

Taber wear-resistant testing machine, wear-resistant testing machine is mainly used to test the wear resistance of leather and plastic materials, through rotary grinding, using various A type of friction wheel is used to test the abrasion resistance of leather and plastic materials by rotating and rubbing the sample.


taber wear-resistant testing machine, wear-resistant testing machineThe principle of the instrument:

Mainly through rotary grinding, use Various types of friction wheels are rotated on samples to test the abrasion resistance of leather and plastic materials. Select the default applicable weight set for testing material properties. Detect weight loss on the outer surface of the sample, such as obvious mechanical shockade.



Test piece: outer diameter 108 mm, inner diameter 8 mm, 3 mm (D)

Grinding wheel: diameter 2”(M*45mm)1/2”(W)

Grinding wheel center distance: 63.5mm

Grinding wheel center distance and test wheel : 37~38mm

Rotation speed: 60/72rpm

Weight: 250g, 500g, 1000g

Counter: LCD, 0~999,999

Volume: 530 ×320×310+vacuum cleaner

Weight: 18 kg (excluding vacuum cleaner)

Power supply: 1φ, 220v/50HZ

Wear index calculation Formula: Wear Loss Weight/ Formula Number of revolutions×100 stmelting *Wear process:

Put the material to be tested on the turntable, and two grinding wheels press on the material with a certain weight to make it wear.


When a sample with an area of ​​10 x 10 cm is subjected to abrasion, the surface material of the sample is abraded by full angle particles or silk fabrics to achieve a completeto form a ring.

The grinding wheel rotates with the rotating surface of the sample disc, resulting in relative motion and wear, and during rotation, the axis of the grinding wheel is relative to the rotary axis of the turntable. The deflection creates a sliding motion that wears out the material.

Simulate the actual conditions of use or meet the test conditions specified in the standard:

- You can select a variety of different abrasive media and fittings are tested differently

-Can repeat the test on the same point of a material, up to 0.5 of the material is broken or abraded

-Configurable Two speeds (60, 72 rpm), 0-50000 revolutions (100, 500, 1000 or 2500 revolutions can be set quickly) and 3 loads.


Vacuum cleaner removes abrasive dirt:

The suction arm of the vacuum pump is via a hingeconnected to the adjustable device on the back of the instrument and the height can be precisely adjusted according to different sample thicknesses.


Ensure the stability and accuracy of the test:

Strict control ensures reliable results

Selected grinding wheel abrasives are selected through strict quality control, high quality and good stability