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Taber Linear Abraser

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Taber Linear Abraser

Taber Linear Abraser

TheTABER Linear Abraser (Abrader) - Model 5750has been engineered to evaluate product’s abrasion resistance, scratch resistance (single or multiple scratches) and color transfer ( friction decoloring resistance or rubbing color fastness resistance). To expand the versatility of this instrument, the Linear Abraser can be configured with optional test attachments to perform different types of abrasion tests, and can be used for both wet and dry testing.


The instrument can test specimens with different sizes and shapes, especially ideal for the abrasion test of specimens with contoured or polished surfaces (e.g. abrasion test for plastic paint on computer mouse and other computer or IT products), such as general plastics, automotive components, paint products, printing pattern, etc.

Technical Parameters

1) 11 stroke lengths

· Standard stoke length: 0.2",0.5",0.61",0.75",1.0",1.5",2.0",2.5",3.0",3.5" and 4.0"

· Special stroke length can be customized.

2) Variable stroke speed from 2~75 cycles per minute

· Six preset stroke speed buttons for 2, 15, 25, 30, 40 and 60 cycles per minute.

3) Settable number of rotation cycles

· Maximum 999,999 cycles (Note: During this cyclic rotation, the abrasion head may need to be replaced. )

4) Optional load

· Variable load from 350g -2100g with optional weight discs (generally configure 3 weight discs of 250g load along with the instrument.)

· Various weight discs optional


Simulation of actual condition of use.

ÞParameters can be set, such as stoke length, rotation speed, number of rotation and load.

ÞVarious abradants and accessories are optional (optional sample holders and other accessories for scratch test, damage degree test, alcohol resistance test, coin scraping resistance test, etc.. )

Assured test stability and accuracy.

ÞThe size and shape of ordinary abrasion head is similar to that of the eraser at the end of a pencil. The abrasion head made of high quality wear-resisting material assures the stability of test.

Taber linear abraser is inline with CE standards with CE safety identification.

Standard Configuration:Including 5750 host machine, 3 weight discs of 250g load, 10 CS-10 and 5 H-18 abrasion head rubber, 50 pieces of S-14 abrasive paper, wear depth gauge, etc.