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Standard group: Fabric pilling tester with circular path method “5” discount··

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:89

All products manufactured and sold by Standard Group have been rigorously tested and calibrated before leaving the factory, ensuring that each product can comply with common standards, and each product is accompanied a certificate of conformity. Certificates of compliance with relevant CE, EMC and equipment safety regulations. We not only provide you with the best test instruments and experimental consumables, but also professional test standards and test method manuals. With 12 years of professional practical experience, we have a professional after-sales engineer team to ensure that you solve your after-sales concerns; With 12 years of business reputation, our products are sold to more than 20 countries at home and abroad, such as Vietnam and Thailand, and are widely recognized by customers.

All employees of Standard Group (Hong Kong)Co., Ltd. always have a responsible mentality in life and business. We believe that only by helping customers grow and progress, the company\'s development will be stronger. and in the long term, this is why Standard Group has always invested heavily in service attitude. Whether it is answering customer questions, explaining product knowledge, forming experiments, maintaining products, etc., we always pursue customer satisfaction as our greatest reward. principles and sincerely provide various services to customers. At the same time, Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. aims to change the structure of the industry and improve the technology and performance of national instruments. It has invested heavily in research and development of certain core products. It has made major breakthroughs and some key products have been researched andof independent development. The production and sales integration process and product quality are excellent and can meet applicable testing standards. It has been inspected by Shanghai Quality Inspection Bureau and has passed all tests. We have strong R&D strength and financial support, so we always believed that Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. would surely be at the head of the sector.

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the establishment of Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. in the future, and to thank many government testing agencies, third-party testing service companies and many cooperative enterprises for their trust and support throughout the process, Standard Group has now decided to launch a sales model monthly 50% off circular path fabric pilling gauges. At the same time, in order to give mores feedback to our cooperative enterprises, we provide accessories for circular path fabric pilling gauges and repair and calibration services for circular path fabric pilling gauges. We are all implementing reductions. We run the business with a grateful heart and provide you with various services with a sincere heart. I believe that through our cooperation, we will be able to effectively solve your testing problems. If you encounter any problems, we can help you improve product quality and market competitiveness, and ensure product quality inspection. Consultation··

Detailed analysis of fabric pilling test product parameters by circular trajectory method:
Applicable scope:
This instrument is used to test the condition of swelling of woolen fabrics, pure chemical fiber cotton fabrics, blended,knitted and woven to identify product quality and process effects. During the test, the fabric rubs against the nylon brush and the abrasive, or only rubs against the abrasive in the humidity-controlled state.

Complies with standard:
GB/T 4802.1 JIG 040

Technical parameters:
1. The contact gap between the grinding head and the grinding table is ≤0.2mm
2. The grinding head and the grinding table Parallelism of the table ≤0.3 mm
3. The relative movement track of grinding head and grinding table is 40±1mm
4. The surface of the nylon brush is flush and its height difference is <0.5mm
5. The grinding table reciprocates at a speed of 60 ± 1 times/min
6. Grinding head weight 490cN ± 1%
7. Large hammer weight 290cN±1%
8. Small hammer weight 100cN±1%
/>9. Select the number of times from 1 to 9999
10. Meet the requirements ofstandard test

Sample type