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Standard Group Car Door Test أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:91

Standard Group Car Door Test

Technology Concentration Year Standard Group Car Door Test; Technical Highlights; Car door closing force simulation test based on air pressure resistance effect; Summary: Taking the problem of closing force of rear doors of large cars as a research basis, a car door closing tester was used to determine the closing speed of doors taking into account the resistance effect to air pressure; The simulation analysis of the closing force was obtained. The strength and force exerted on the door during the closing process; Keywords: car door; closing force; air pressure resistance effect; speed tester; VS ; Simulatio

Technical highlights

Simulation test of thedoor closing force based on air pressure resistance effect

This device is designed to test two devices simultaneously in multiple cycles at temperatures high and low. Door hinges and impact conditions. Basically, the system opens and closes latch and door via a pneumatic cylinder. During testing, the windows were in different positions with the doors closed. The window position can be high, low, middle or any combination of these positions via the testing software.

The best feature of this system is that the user can adjust the \"slam\" of the door to accurately replicate the slam of the real car door by adjusting the air pressure in the tire on the door clamp, the door closing speed and the lower load of the car are achieved and the door sealing material is correctly positioned. cla\'s profilequement is displayed on the PC monitor and is used to control the system in the last few inches of slamming, such as acceleration, speed and door movement.

Summary: Based on the research background of the rear door closing force problem of large cars, a speed tester was used to test the closing speed of a prototype car. , and the result was that it only overcomes resistance to air pressure.

Sim. closing forceAnalysis of the effect, we obtained the force and moment on the door during the closing process, the changes of air pressure in the cockpit and the air flow at the exhaust outlet, etc. , and found a new method that can accurately solve the pressure resistance effect of door closing.