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Standard consumables for American standard withdrawal washing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:96

The American Standard Shrinkage Washing Machine is a shrinkage testing machine used in the American AATCC standard. This machine measures the shrinkage or elongation of textiles after one or more home washes. It can also test various appearance evaluation after washing, our company Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can provide it.

Meets standards:

AATCC 88B, AATCC 88C, AATCC 124, AATCC 130, AATCC 135, AATCC 142, AATCC 143, AATCC 150, AATCC 159, AATCC 172, AATCC 179 , AATCC 188

Standard consumables:

1. Butter pen;

2.993 standard washing powder;

3,993 (WOB) standard laundry detergent;

4. Standard dye powder;

5. Mix the wash cloth precisely.

Technical parameters:

1. Rotation type: shaking type

2. Loading Form: Top Loading

3. Laundry Capacity: 15 kg/33 lbres

4. Maximum speed: 660 rpm

5. Washing programs: 12 types

6. Water temperature adjustment: 4 types (cold water-hot water-hot water-hot water)

7. Water level: 4 sections

8. Power supply: 230-240 V/50 hz Socket 13A

9. Size: 1067×686×648 cm (H×W×D)

10. Weight: 54.5kg

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