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Special Fiber Abrasion Tester-Special Fiber Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:119

Special Fiber Abrasion Tester-Special Fiber Abrasion TesterMain application:
Mainly suitable for special fiber materials (polyurethane) Determination of abrasion resistance of vinyl fluoride fiber, heat resistant fiber, aramid fiber , fiber optic, optical fiber, network cable, etc.

Special Fiber Abrasion Tester-Special Fiber Abrasion TesterTechnical Features:
1. Special fixture design for different samples, not only damage the sample, but also cause sample clamping
2. The non-contact photoelectric switch detects the wear of the sample
3. The friction angle can be adjusted and can be adjusted Select and determine according to the experimental situation
4. Abrasives choose standard grinding wheel and roller abrasives on the market, which are convenient to obtain materials, and the installation structure of abrasives is convenient for rregular replacement
5. Equipped with preloaded weights of different gears, which can 6. The instrument adopts uniform reciprocating friction method, test with ten stations, and the test reproducibility is good.
7. Automatic computer control for detection and data processing. The test allows it to display the average number of times, the coefficient of variation of wear times, the maximum value, the minimum value and the single value of ten stations for each batch of yarn tested.

Technical indicators:
1. Number of test samples: 10 pieces;
2. Friction method: uniform speed;
3. Friction speed: about (60±2) times/min;
4. Weight weight: 125g, 250g, 20 each (125g, 250g, 500g, 750g four gears);
5. Friction material: No. 60 grinding wheel roller;
6. Computer configuration: standard configuration;
7. Output method: computer screenor print;
8. Friction times: the test will stop when the sample breaks the station, and counting will be automatic;
9. Data output items: maximum value, minimum value, average friction times, coefficient of variation of friction times , single value;
10. The friction angle can be adjusted and determined according to the experimental situation, 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°;
11. The shielding cover is designed on the equipment to prevent the fibers from flying randomly;
12. Power consumption: AC 220V, 50Hz, 2200W.