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Socks Abrasion Tester/Socks Abrasion Tester/Shoes Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:104

Main application:
Sock Abrasion Tester/Sock Abrasion Tester/Footwear Abrasion Tester is mainly used to test the wear resistance of cloth socks, and can also be used. detection of the crack performance.

Applicable standard:
EN 13770-2002 Textile Method B for the determination of the abrasion resistance of knitted footwear
Technical characteristics:<!-- st melting
1. Two samples can be tested at the same time;
2. The mold can be changed according to the size of the socks, and the mold size is from 24 to 44.

Test principle:
The sample is placed on the test mold, with a constant speed , rub the sock sample with sandpaper, every 100 or 500 cycles, see if the sample is broken or thinned, if so, record the number of tests.