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SO 12945.1 Roller box pilling test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-07 Click:105

Roller-type pilling tester: used for pilling or jamming caused by normal wear and tear, equipped with a professional controller, optional standard and other test speeds for testing, and equipped with a programmable 30rpm reversing system.

【Experimental Principle】
1. According to the specified method and parameters, put the sample on the polyurethane tube, put it in a rolling square wooden box lined with cork liner under the specified conditions, compare the sample with the standard sample, and evaluate the pilling level

【Experimental instruments】
1. 1 piece, length 140 ± 1 mm, outer diameter 31.5 ± 1 mm, wall thickness 3. 2 ± 0.5 mm, weight 52.25 ± 1 g
3, PVC-Plakband: width 19 mm
4, assessment box: white fluorescing lamp (° and the corner is not important), ° and the corner and the corner ° and 15 and 15 and 15 and 15 and 15 and 15 and 15 and ° Preparation]
1. Pretreatment
① Unless otherwise specified, thewashing procedure are determined after agreement of the parties before sampling.
②. Recommended washing procedure ISO 6330 or ISO 3175.1 and ISO 3175.2
③. It is recommended to wash or dry the sample to reduce uneven test results.
2. Cut the sample
①. Randomly cut two pieces of warp (horizontal row) and weft (vertical row) from the sample, measuring 125×125 mm
②. Test both sides of the difference
③. Sew the sample into a tube shape along the marked line, turn the sample over and cut off 6mm at both ends of the sample tube
3. Install the sample
①. Place the sample tube in the center of the polyurethane sample tube to ensure that the fold of the sample is flat on the tube. ℃, relative humidity 65±2﹪
②, under the above conditions, the sample should be pre-placed for at least 16 h

【Test procedure】
1. The pilling box must be clean before the test and there must be meyes no short fibers remain
2. After the number of revolutions, remove the sample from the sample loading tube, remove the seam and flatten the sample Put the original sample on the right
3. Evaluate the grade of the test sample, from grade 5 (no pilling) to grade 1 (very pilling). When the figure is between two degrees, the half degree must be reported
4. The test result is the average value of four test samples . of wash or dry cleaning method
4. Number of test specimens and observers
5. Number of rotations
6. Test date
7. Final pilling level
8. Details of any deviation from this standard and abnormal phenomena in the test should be explained

【Experi ment Notes】