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Snow can also be of great use! Power generation efficiency can rival that of photovoltaics

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:29

Energy conservation and emission reduction are currently a hot topic, with energy-saving and environmentally friendly power generation methods such as hydro power generation, wind power generation, and photovoltaic power generation.

But have you ever seen using snow to generate electricity?

The University of Electrical and Telecommunications of Japan, Aomori City, and Japanese startup FORTE have recently conducted validation experiments on snow power generation.

The principle of snow power generation is to use the temperature difference between snow and various heat sources such as the sun to drive the turbine. This experiment will begin in December, located in a swimming pool of an abandoned school in Japan. Experts predict that the power generation efficiency of snow covered power generation can rival that of photovoltaic power generation.

It is understood that in order to generate the same amount of electricity as the energy generated by burning 1 kilogram of gasoline, only about 0.07 pools of snow are needed (based on a 25 meter swimming pool, 300 cubic meters), and it is expected that 47 pools of snow can ensure per capita annual electricity consumption.

Previously, Japan had to spend a considerable amount of money on snow removal every year to ensure smooth winter roads. The common method was to use snow removal vehicles and trucks to collect snow and throw it into the sea.

Therefore, in order to make reasonable use of this "advantage", relevant professionals came up with a method of generating electricity from snow. He said, "Snow is a natural energy source. It should not be wasted, but should be effectively utilized.".