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Shoe sole wear tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-28 Click:30

Shoe sole wear tester

Shoe sole wear tester

Compliant with standards:

Satra TM84

Applicable scope:

This instrument is used to test the wear resistance of leather shoe heels and soles.

Product details:

The sole wear tester provides intuitive wear resistance testing for sole and heel materials. The test piece is dragged from one side to the other (in a straight line) under load on a sandcloth supported by a horizontal machine tool. Due to the slow movement of the sandcloth towards the test piece at right angles, the test piece always comes into contact with the new sandcloth, ensuring the same frictional force.

The machine can test 2 samples at the same time to provide uniform wear for the entire thickness of leather or foam polyurethane samples with various components. These test pieces are 25mm (or 1 inch) square, and the abrasive cloth is usually 80 grit. The load on the test piece is 0.56kg/cm2 (8lb/cm2). The micrometer for measuring thickness loss is a standard function of the tester.

To ensure accurate test results, it is necessary to remove residues from the friction sample. This tester has a built-in vacuum suction point that can be connected to a normal household vacuum cleaner (optional), thereby achieving a suitable vacuum environment in the testing area.