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Selection of materials and characteristics of automobile interior parts

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:93

Material selection and characteristics of automobile interior parts

General requirements for automotive plastics

1. Balanced impact resistance and modulus

Both tough and durable features; excellent dimensional stability, i.e. the material has better resistance to creep under load in the long term

2. Good temperature resistance, ensuring that the material does not deform under light and heat conditions< /p>

3. Have specific surface properties, such as matte, high hardness, scratch resistance, easy to paint, electroplating, etc.

4. Excellent weather resistance, ensuring no fading after long-term use, no aging or cracking (includingincluding resistance to thermal aging by oxygen and light aging)

5. Good chemical resistance to resist erosion from daily oils and chemicals

6. Easy to form, injection molding grade materials must have sufficient fluidity to ensure the molding of complex structural components and improve productivity 7. Economy, requiring very cost-effective materials.

Table: Interior material requirements

Second selection of specific automobile plastic interior parts

1. Dashboard

Instrument Dashboard: An assembly that installs various indicator instruments and ignition switches in the cabin. It is installed on the dashboard or as an accessory on the steering column.

2. Hard Dash Template

3, Hard Dash Material Component

4. Typical Polypropylene Dash Material Properties

5. Soft Dashboard Production Process

7, accessoriesdashboard

Note: Special requirements for dashboard

HDT high temperature (1.8MPa): ≥100℃

Low-condensable volatile content: (SAEJ1756) ≤2 mg

Low gloss: gloss≤4 (60°)

8. Other Interiors Material Selection


Front pillar, upper part of the central pillar, rear pillar: PP, PP+TALC

C-pillar lower part: high toughness requirements, consistent with dashboard material

Other requirements: ductile failure by weight impact

(2) Door panel

Main body - PP+TALC, some ABS requires fabric, leather, high toughness Armrest: ABS, PC/ABS, PP+TALC, decoration treatment: spray paint, imitation wood card bag : Same body< /p>

Horn cover: same as main body

(3) Shield

Guardboard: PP, the same material as the column

Button: ABS