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Selection method and principle of bimetallic thermometer WSS-401

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WSS-301/WSS-401/WSS-501 axis Detailed information of bimetal thermometer WSS-301/WSS-401/WSS-501:

The axial type bimetal thermometer is a field sensing instrument for measuring medium and low temperatures. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid vapor and gas medium in the range of -80°C-+500°C in various production processes.

2. Features of axial bimetallic thermometer

On-site temperature display, intuitive and convenient

Safe and reliable, long service life


3. Axial bimetallic thermometer

Operating principle

The bimetallic thermometer is based on winding and bending Composed of bimetallic plates. When one end is heated and expanded, it drives the pointer to rotate, and the working instrument displays the temperature value corresponding to the thermo-eelectrical potential. 4. Main technical parameters of axial bimetallic thermometer

Product executive standard: JB/T8803-1998;GB3836-83

Nominal diameter of dial: 60, 100, 150

Accuracy class: 1.0, 1.5

Thermal response time: ≤40s

Protection class: IP55

Angle adjustment error: Angle adjustment error greater than 1.0% of its range.

Resistance difference: the thermometer\'s hysteresis cannot exceed the value of the basic error limit

Repeatability: the thermometer\'s repeatability limit range cannot exceed the basic error The limited 1/2 bimetallic thermometer includes the following models: WSS-301, WSS-311, WSS-381, WSS-411, WSS-401, WSS-481, WSS-501, WSS-511, WSS-581

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