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Seat belt wear tester

Author: Released in:2024-04-26 Click:30

Seat belt wear tester

Seat belt wear tester

Application field:

The seat belt wear tester is used to evaluate the wear resistance of materials, especially seat belt materials. This machine is a desktop computer with a single workstation.

Product Introduction:

The operator loads the sample and passes the seat belt material through the machine. Then input the testing cycle into the timer to start the experiment. Once the setting reaches the working cycle, the machine will automatically stop. Relying on visual evaluation of test samples.

Testing standards:

FMVSS 209, S5 1 (d)


1. The instrument must be regularly cleaned and cleaned externally to ensure its cleanliness;

2. Regularly inspect the testing instruments to see if there are any abnormalities;

3. During use, all users should follow the correct usage method and not use it in violation of regulations to avoid damaging the instrument and shortening its lifespan;

4. After using the testing instruments, all users must place them properly and clean them accordingly to ensure their cleanliness;

5. When not using the instrument, the power should be turned off and the instrument should be kept clean continuously.