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Scratch Resistance Tester Automotive Interior and Exterior Trim Scratch Test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:80

The scratch resistance tester is an experimental scratch test equipment, which is independently developed and produced by our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It has high cost performance and comprehensive after-sales service. Scratch test is a routine inspection item for surface quality control of automotive interior and exterior trim. It is primarily to verify the changes that occur when various automotive interior and exterior trim surfaces are scratched by hard objects and other environmental stresses. For example, scratches are left on paintwork and plastic surfaces. marks, causing discoloration, changes in sheen and lint on the surface of the fabric. In addition, qisnun R&D engineers will briefly explain several scratch test methods for interior and exterior trim.s of the car as follows, hoping to be helpful to every customer.

1. Five-finger scratch test method:

The equipment used is a five-finger scratch tester, the main movement method is straight and unidirectional line, movement specimen or movement of the scraper head.

Suitable samples: plastic parts, painted parts, self-adhesive foil

Complies with standards: FLTM BO 162-01, FLTM BN 108-13, GMW 14698, GMN 3943

2. Cross scratch test method:

The equipment used is electric cross-hatching tester, the main method movement Several scratches in a straight line direction, and the scraper head moves.

Suitable samples: plastic parts, plastic coated parts

Conforms to standard: PV 3952

3. Test pen scraping method of hardness:

The equipment used is un hardness test pen, and the main movement mode is straight-line, unidirectional, manual scraping head movement.

Suitable samples: painted parts, sticker sheet

Standards: GMW 14698, TL 226

4. Coating hardness tester Scratch method

The equipment used is a coating scratch hardness tester, the main movement mode is linear movement and sample movement.

Suitable for samples: coated elastic parts, coated plastics, textiles, etc.

Complies with standards: GME 60248

5. Paper clip scraping method

The scratch head is a trombone, linear, manual unidirectional sample movement.

Suitable samples: plastic coated

Complies with standard: GMW 14130

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