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Sakuu develops 3D printing technology for customizing high-performance patterned batteries

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:74

According to foreign media reports, Sakuu company has successfully and consistently 3D printed high-performance batteries with customized shapes and sizes. At Saku's battery testing line factory in Silicon Valley, patterned batteries with thermal management pattern openings can be printed using a completely dry process.
Sakuu plans to commercialize the production of next-generation SwiftPrint batteries (including solid-state batteries) in global super factories using its Kavian platform. The company stated that this is an important step forward.
Sakuu Chief Technology Officer Karl Littau stated: Related developments have shown that using the Kavian platform can achieve commercial scale and sustainable production of various battery technologies, including lithium-ion, lithium metal, and even solid-state batteries. However, traditional advanced battery manufacturing methods have some core issues that have hindered their large-scale production. In addition, Sakuu's printing process can significantly improve the energy density of the entire battery. Finally, the platform can customize the battery shape to make the battery more efficient Becoming a part of product design itself
Saku invented a fully industrialized battery printing process. Using proprietary multi material and multi-layer methods, print the battery through a dry parallel process instead of slow layer by layer printing or screen printing. These two wet processes require a significant amount of energy to remove unnecessary solvents and are prone to issues such as poor printing quality.
Sakuu's invention can provide low-cost and high-speed manufacturing capabilities, as well as flexibility in appearance and composition, while also providing the core category of batteries that are most important to customers and consumers. For example, Sakuu's first batch of printed batteries demonstrated successful cycling performance at C/5 and IC current rates, and are expected to achieve a high energy density of 800-1000 Wh/l.
Sakuu's printing process utilizes proprietary lithium metal battery chemistry technology to produce immediately usable patterned batteries using raw materials. With patterned battery printing technology, a new approach of thermal dynamic adjustment can be used to more effectively utilize battery volume. Therefore, it is possible to integrate fixed, sensing, and heat transfer pathways, as well as adjust them through patterned design, especially when thinner sub cell structures are stacked together in the same alignment.
Sakuu will sell the Kavian platform to other battery manufacturers, as well as automotive, electric vehicle, and aerospace manufacturers. Enterprises seeking mass production of batteries can shorten their supply chain, achieve critical battery performance and safety attributes, save materials and energy, and fully enhance the sustainability benefits of product design innovation.
In addition, Sakuu plans to authorize the use of its lithium metal and solid-state battery chemical composition, which can be produced using traditional roll to roll manufacturing methods or in super factories using the Kavian manufacturing platform.