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Rubber Wheel Abrasive Wear Testing Machine / Sediment Abrasive Wear Testing Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:131

The abrasive wear tester/sedimentary abrasive wear tester takes the form of sliding friction to test the use of engineering plastics, powder metallurgy, alloy bearings, etc. Performance, according to ASTM G65- 04 test standard.


Main application:
Rubber wheel abrasive wear tester / sediment abrasive wear tester takes the form of sliding friction to evaluate the performance of engineering plastics, powder metallurgy, alloy bearings, etc., according to ASTM G65-04 test standard .

Key Features:
1. It consists of two parts: the main engine and the operating system;
2. The main motor part includes the base, shaft and drive system, and weight Loading system, sample clamping part;
3. The control system includes measurement and control, display instrument part, and the two parts are vconnected by control cables;
4. The load, speed, time, friction partner material can be changed, surface roughness, hardness and other parameters under different conditions.

Rubber Wheel Abrasive Wear Tester/Sediment Sand Abrasive Wear Tester Test Process:
1. The main shaft box is installed on the machine base, and the main shaft is composed of a set of bearings Support, with high rotational accuracy. The rear of the main shaft is connected to the motor;
2. There is a weight loading system on the right half of the base, which can apply a maximum radial load of 200N to the sample on the main shaft; front end of the main shaft, and the outer sample is pressed and fixed in the outer sample slot of the force bar;
4. Apply and remove the test force It is completed by the loadd system and size is completed by loading weights. The loading handle is divided into equal-arm weight plates and double-arm weight plates. The weights are divided into six types: 1N, 2N, 5N, 10N, 20N and 50N. Infinite loading of integers within the range of 1-200N is realized;
5. The LCD screen displays the spindle speed and experiment time;
6 For speed adjustment and setting, refer to the instructions for using the frequency converter;
7. The test time control is completed by the instrument and the test time can be preset using the dial. When the time is up, the alarm will sound and shut down for protection;
8. The instrument displays the temperature of the sample during the test.

Main parameters:
1. Maximum test force: 200N
2.Indication accuracy: ±1%
3. Spindle speed setting range: 10r/min-200r/min
4. Spindle speed accuracy: 1r/min
5. Temperature measurement range: room temperature-200℃
6. Test speed: 1-9999999 setting
7. Input voltage: AC 380V
8. Input power: 2.2kW
9. Adjustment range of sand supply system: 10-500 g/mi