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Rubber Akron Abrasion Testing Machine_Sole Abrasion Tester Testing Machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:102

Rubber Akron Abrasion Tester_Sole Abrasion Tester Testing Machine is used to measure the abrasion resistance of rubber products or vulcanized rubber such as shoe soles, tires and vehicle tracks Grinding performance to test the performance of evaluate the sample product.


Test Standard:
GB/T1689, BS 903, CNS 734, JIS K6264
Main Application:
Rubber Acron Abrasion Tester_Sole Abrasion Tester The testing machine is used to measure the abrasion resistance of rubber products or vulcanized rubber such as shoe soles, tires and vehicle tracks, to evaluate the performance of the sample products.

Detection principle:
Due to the friction between the sample and the grinding wheel under a certain inclination angle and load, the wear volume of the sample within a certain mileage gmeasure to characterize abrasion resistance of the sample.

Specimen standard:
1. The sample is strip-shaped, with a length of (D + 2h) π+0~5mm, a width of 12.7±0.2mm, and a thickness of it is 3.2±0.2mm. The surface should be flat, without cracks, impurities, etc.
Note: D is the diameter of the rubber wheel, h is the thickness of the sample, and π is the circumference ratio (3.14).
2. After the two sides of the sample are polished, stick it on the rubber wheel, but there should be no tension when sticking. 3. The diameter of the rubber wheel is 68-1mm, the thickness is 12.7 ± 0.2mm, the hardness is 75-80 degrees (Shore A type), and the diameter of the center hole should match the diameter of the rubber wheel axle.

Test correction:
1. First, adjust the base of the test machine horizontally.
2. Attach the angle corrector to the rubber wheel axle, measure the angle between the rubber wheel axle and thegrinding wheel shaft and adjust it to the angle required for the test.
3. Install the load corrector on the rubber wheel axle. The right side of the corrector is close to the working surface of the grinding wheel. Put the test weight on it and adjust the position of the balance weight so that the load force on the sample is 26.7 ± 0.2 N. Or 27.5 N ± 0.2 N.
Main features:
1. The equipment is digitally set and displays the wearing times;
2. Automatic shutdown, the host and electrical control are designed as one piece;
3. It adopts calibrated grinding wheel, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to operate. It is an improved testing machine in China;
4. It meets the requirements of GB/T 1689 \"Determination of abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber\" and other standards.
Technical parameters:
1. Grinding wheel specifications: φ150×25mm, particle size 36﹟, aluminum oxide or φ150×38mm, particle size 40﹟, alumina
2 Weight of weight: 26.7 ± 0.2 N or 27.5 N ± 0.2 N and other specifications
3. Sample shaft speed: 76 ± 2r/min
4. Grinding wheel speed: 34±1r/min
5. Sample inclination angle: 0°~45° adjustable
6. Counter: LCD display 0~999,999
7. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
Service guarantee:
1. Service aim: fast, decisive, accurate, considerate and professional;
2. Service purpose: service quality to win customer satisfaction;
3. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails within the warranty period or outside the warranty period, after the supplier receives the notification, the maintenance personnel will solve it within 24 hours.