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Rubber Abrasion Tester / Sole Abrasion Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:164

Standard Compliance:

DIN 53516, JIS K6369, GB/T 20991 Section 8.3, GB 20265-2006, GB20266-2006, SATRA TM174, BS 903, JIS K6264, GB/T9867, ISO4649, etc .

Scope of application:

Rubber abrasion tester/sole wear tester can be used to measure the abrasion resistance of rubber tires, rubber shoes, belts, etc. to measure the to identify quality of rubber products, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, good reproducibility and easy operation.

Main parameters:

Test piece: φ16mm, 6~15mm (D)

Armature load: 2.5N

Weight load: 2.5N, 5N

The lateral displacement of the armature: 4.2mm/roll per circle

Sanding abrasive cloth: 60

Roller diameter: 150mm

Roll length: 460mm

Roller speed: 40rpm

Stroke schedule: 40m/20m

Wear rate: 0.32m /sec

Inclination angle: 3°The angle between the test piece support axis and the vertical surface of the roll

Fullume: 70×30×30cm

Weight: 61kg

Power supply: 1 ∮, AC220V, 3A

Test principle:

Rubber Wear Tester/Sole Wear TesterUnder a certain load, at a certain level. On the mesh, the columnar sample is cut crosswise and ground on the surface of the mesh for a certain impact. By measuring the mass wear of the sample, it is the volume abrasion calculated from the density of the sample To make the tests comparable, the latter should be used The standard rubber should be used and the test results expressed as the relative volume abrasion based on the calibrated mesh or as the abrasion resistance basis expressed in ratio to the wear of a certain standard rubber.

Note: For general use, you must purchase a specific gravity balance