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Rigidity integrity tester

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Rigidity integrity tester

Rigidity integrity tester

The testing scope of the rigid integrity tester is mainly aimed at rigid containers, such as glass bottles, boxes, bottles, syringes, etc.

This instrument allows for accurate quantification of integrity levels without being affected by the container or its contents.

The product to be tested is placed in the testing room, and then a vacuum or positive pressure is applied to the container, depending on the application program.

After isolating the testing room, pressure changes can be measured within a certain period of time. This change is an accurate reflection of the level of indoor integrity.

According to the principles of ergonomics, the operator does not need to apply any pressure, and the clamping load provided by the instrument is sufficient to ensure accurate sealing of the test chamber. Easy and fast loading and unloading.

Containers of different sizes can be tested using the same instrument due to the exchange of laboratory systems.

The rigid integrity tester allows for simultaneous measurement of 5 bottles to obtain high test output values.

The instrument can also be integrated on the production line and automatically loaded/unloaded.

The instruments we designed can enable them to adapt to products with different characteristics. Our engineers have extensive experience in different fields and will be happy to use this method to benefit your project.

The rigid integrity tester is an independent automatic leak detector for bottles. It is suitable for manual operation and semi or fully automatic inspection stations. This instrument can quickly, cleanly, and dryly test products without any changes to the product and without any impact from the operator.

The rigid integrity tester is designed according to standard regulations to replace destructive leak testing.

The instrument has high accuracy and allows for testing at the same or finer level compared to traditional methods using methylene blue dyes. This instrument quantifies the tightness by actually measuring a value. This instrument is based on international standards and can track the entire process.

Compliant with standards:

ISO 8573-1 Compressed Air Standard

Product application:

The testing scope of the rigid integrity tester is mainly aimed at rigid containers, such as glass bottles, boxes, bottles, syringes, etc.

Product features:

Fast, dry, and non-destructive

Clean, without liquid involvement

Quick and easy testing=>Save time

All tested (passed) products can be returned to the production line for sale=>increased production and cost savings

Tested packages and products no longer need to be cleaned=>Cost saving processing

Speed: Fast testing, higher sampling frequency=>better process control

100% testing for critical batches=>zero risk possibility

100% testing for rejected batches=>Can save the product well

Physical measurement of airtightness level

The calibration standards for measured values comply with national standards

The test results are not affected by the operator's (attention, vision, concentration)

Automatic compression of target object and comparison with rejection level=>No explanation required

SPC (Statistical Process Control)=>Allow for close range process monitoring and rapid intervention to prevent test result bias.

Traceability of test results

Output test results on paper or PDF

Excel compatible format enables statistical analysis of data

Implementation assistance:

With the assistance of an instrument engineer, select transposition and calculation methods

Process evaluation with the assistance of an independent metrology laboratory

Calibration bottle leakage manufacturing has a qualification certificate and can be used for process qualification testing

Product operation:

Measurement cycle

-Insert product

-Closed chamber


-Stable (instability from hot gas generation)

-Experiment (measurement of pressure changes)

-Result display

-Release (return to atmospheric pressure)

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 450 x 800 x 520 mm (w x h x d)

Weight: 35kg

Standard room size (maximum packaging bag size): 300 x 140 x 500mm

Communication: Graphics, 5.7 "touch screen, status lights

Power supply: 24V DC/5 A (adapter provided)

Air supply: clean and dry air, quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1, -100 and 600 kPa

Operating temperature:+15 ° C to+25 ° C

Storage temperature: 0 ° C to 60 ° C

Standard test pressure: -27KPa

Maximum pressure difference: 90KPa, mainly depending on customer product specifications

Product accessories:

5 test head options: can test 5 bottles simultaneously

USB port (result, Excel compatible format)

Remote control box

Remote unlocking box (remote unlocking failed)

remote indication


Label printer

Custom labels (identification, operator number, batch NR)

Auxiliary equipment:

-Filter box

-Purification unit

-Vacuum pump

-Accessories, pipes, etc.

-Bottle calibration leakage