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Researchers have developed a metasurface reflector that can reflect 6G radio waves

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-01 Click:26

According to the Nikkei Industrial News, a collaborative research team from the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology and Osaka University has developed a reflector plate that can reflect 140 GHz band radio waves in a specific direction. The 140 GHz band radio wave is a candidate radio wave for 6G. In the experiment, it was confirmed that the maximum reflectivity of the radio wave can reach 88%. The radio waves in the high-frequency band have high straightness, but cannot wrap around the back of the building. If reflection can be effectively utilized, a circuitous radio wave channel can be formed.

The research team used metal patches smaller than 1mm to create a periodic arrangement of "metasurface" reflective plates. Emitting a 140 gigahertz band of radio waves towards the wall surface coated with a metasurface reflector plate will result in abnormal reflection in the 60 ° direction. Due to the abnormal reflection of radio waves in the 60 ° direction at the same angle, it can ensure the uplink and downlink of communication. Three types of reflective plates with a size of 7cm2 were prepared for the experiment, which can perform abnormal reflections in the 45 °, 60 °, and 75 ° directions. They can control the ratio of non target directional reflections below 1/140, 1/293, and 1/28, respectively. This technology can also be applied to indoor communication and 5G radio waves.