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Requirements for samples to be inspected by external textile testing institutes

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:146

Textile testing is a necessary product process for textile companies. Some large textile companies generally have their own professional laboratories. Due to the large number of experimental standards that textile products have to test, they may not be able to implement them all; as for some small textile companies There may not be enough to set up their own complete testing laboratories, so the existence of external testing agencies can meet their requirements; here will be Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. explain you about the samples to be inspected by third party textile testing agencies The different requirements, because our company also perform textile testing services in all aspects.

1. Test sample size, recommended quantity
1 yard=0.9144m 1 inch= 2.54 cm fabric width>45 inches (114cm)

2. Color fastness test
Washing/water stains/sweat stains/friction/chlorine bleaching, etc.: 30cmX30cm for each item Test , 60cmX full width is used for all items

3. Composition and analysis test
Fiber composition analysis 50cmX50cm
Analytical tests such as: PH value/formaldehyde content, etc. 50cmX50xm for each test

Fourth, physical performance test

Shrinkage 1mX full width
Appearance after washing 1mX full width
Strength test such as: elongation/tear/bond strength/bulge, etc. 45cmX full width for each test
Structure Such as: number of yarns/density/door width/fabric weight, etc. 1mX full width
Performance tests such as: anti-pilling/abrasion resistance/wrinkle recovery/anti-sticking, etc. 40cmX full width for each test

4. Other
Belt/lace/rope etc. tape/lace/ribbon/cord 5m for chemical analysis/colour fastness, 10m for For all articles
1. In general, 2.5 m x full width is required for a vocomplete set of woven fabric tests, and 2m x full width is generally required for a full set of knitted fabric tests.
2 . The above requirements for the size of the test sample It is based on a single color or based on simple flower type varieties. For complex flower type varieties with multiple colors, the color fastness test requires an additional 1m