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Qinsun xenon lamp aging test chamber replace xenon lamp tube

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:107

The composition of each Qinsun xenon lamp aging test chamber accessories and system will have different functions. Among them, the xenon lamp aging test box xenon lamp tube is a component of equipment. The operation of the whole test is due to the normal operation of the xenon lamp. It has played a great role in the accelerated aging test under the corresponding environmental conditions. Case. Our company qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of textile testing instruments, which can provide equipment and lamps. Welcome customers who need to inquire.

Our technical engineer qisnun R&D said that when replacing the xenon lamp tube in the test chamber of aging of the xenon lamp, certain precautions are necessary.

1. The quartz shell mustbe kept clean and free from dirt. Of course, it must be cleaned with alcohol cotton before ignition.

2. The xenon lamp is filled with high safe gas. Avoid collisions during loading, unloading, transportation and installation. When working, it should be placed in a good heat dissipation blanket to avoid explosions, and the strong and strong ultraviolet rays will burn the skin and eyes.

3. When the current is high, the lamp cap and the lamp holder should be in good contact, and the contact point should be kept clean during use.

4. The xenon lamp should be used with its dedicated DC power supply and trigger. The DC power supply ripple coefficient should not exceed 7%, and the working current should be within the specified range when switching on, otherwise it will affect the lamp life.

For this reason, when replacingof the xenon lamp tube, process it one by one according to the precautions mentioned above, and according to the analysis of each step and the state of the test in the xenon lamp aging test chamber , the better The state will also be more accurate and stable than imagined.

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