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QINSUN interprets the maintenance points of Magnetic Float Level Gauge-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:118

The magnetic float level gauge uses the float assembly as the measuring element. Through the buoyancy of the liquid, the float moves up and down, driving the magnetic steel at the upper end of the ejector rod to change up and down, and the magnetic coupling of the display assembly does the magnetic flip.

The column is flipped over to track liquid level changes, the display is eye-catching, the reading is intuitive, the display components are completely isolated from the measured medium, and the operation is safe and reliable.

The magnetic float level gauge is suitable for various underground tanks and other containers, as well as displaying the liquid level of containers that are not suitable for side opening holes. It can be used for remote sensing with supporting instruments to realize automatic control functions.

There should be no impurities soliand magnetics in the cylinder of the magnetic float level gauge, so as not to block the float and weaken the buoyancy; after cleaning the liquid level gauge or when replacing the float, open the drain flange and when installing the magnetic float, it should be noted that the magnetic end of the heavy end is facing upwards and that it cannot be reversed; depending on the condition of the medium, the main pipe can be cleaned regularly to remove sediment and impurities in the pipe; The vacuum envelope is insulated. Be careful not to damage the jacket during installation and use.