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QINSUN Interpretation of Causes of Air Leakage in Pipettes-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:128

As one of the common consumables in the laboratory, the pipette is specially used to measure the volume of liquid and pick it up to deposit it in other containers. Often used in biological experiments or chemical experiments. During the experiment, how to detect if there is an air leak in the pipette?

Detection method

1) Visual detection method: first use the pipette to be detected to absorb the liquid, then let it stand vertically for 15 seconds and observe if there are slow drops of liquid flows out. If there are drops coming out slowly, the pipette is leaking.

2) Pressure Pump Detection: Use a dedicated pressure pump to detect pressure and determine if the pipette is leaking.

Air leakage cause analysis

1) First check whether the suction head matches? It is recommended to use original matched end caps. If it is not the tiporiginal matcher, consult the manufacturer or agent to see if the tip you are using matches the pip.ette you are using.

2) Second, did you install the suction head well when assembling? It is likely that the pipette leaked air when the tip was not properly loaded.