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QINSUN Interpretation Analysis of Air Leakage in Vacuum Drying Oven-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:106

When it was found that the vacuum degree of the vacuum drying oven was pulled to the required vacuum degree, the vacuum degree decreased after a while, and the vacuum valve and tube were replaced, but the status quo was still the same.

What is going on?

This indicates that the vacuum drying box is leaking.

The hardest thing to check is the air leak from the inner tank. You need to pour water inside the box, then close the door to vacuum, then turn the box upside down. If there is a bubble in a certain position, it is an air leak. Use argon arc welding if possible.

If the box door seal is a little loose, as long as the negative pressure in the vacuum drying box reaches a certain level, there is no problem. First draw a vacuum to see if the negative pressure gauge can reach standard atmospheric pressure. If the pointer change slowly during the pumping process, try to push the door to see if it can be sucked. If it can be sucked in, just squeeze the door a few turns and you\'re done. If pushing the door with your hands doesn\'t work. . . It is very likely that the screw securing the heater block to the inner tank is loose and the rear baffle needs to be disassembled (please wear gloves and a mask during the disassembly process, the general insulation surface is made of silicate material, which be very sensitive to the skin) Uncomfortable) Then find the heating element and tighten the fixing screw that secures the heating block. Then vacuum again, if you can vacuum it will be fine.