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Product content of EVS3116 HYDAC flow sensor

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:93

Product Content of the EVS3116 Hydac HYDAC Flow Sensor:

If you want to buy a Hydac HYDAC flow sensor, you should consider it carefully and opt for guaranteed quality, relatively easy to use sensors. Because many people think that new sensors will have a higher technology, which is a one-sided idea. New products must have mature technology to be a good product.


Hydac flow sensorThe installation method is as follows:

1. Due to the installation of a metering system, there is only one metering system in the entire heating system.

2. The difference between the secondary measurement system and the primary system is that the measurement at the installation site belongs to the second measurement.

3. Separate heat metering among household users With the popularity of household metering and the progress of heating energy saving projects, this installation method is currently relativelyive usual.

4. Vertical heating distribution measurement is mainly used for heat measurement in vertical heating systems.

The total amount and the flow amount (in M3 or KG) are usually used for trade accounting. Flow (instant unit is M3/H, KG/H), usually used in the process industry, is the information source of the control system.

Continuous, switch The output of the general flow sensor is continuous, and the switch can used For simple two-step control or equipment protection, good reliability is required.

Accuracy Accuracy depends not only on the sensor itself, but also on the calibration system, which is an external property. To explain the accuracy in what current range, if it is used in a control system, it should also be considered as corresponding to the accuracy of the whole system. Note that the error %FS (upper limit) specified by the manufactureror %RD (measured value).

Repeatability Repeatability refers to the consistency of multiple measurements of a given value when environmental conditions and media parameters are constant, which is the characteristic of the sensor itself. In process industry control systems, repeatability is often more important than accuracy. Many manufacturers trick repeatability into accuracy, and accuracy should include repeatability and flow uncertainty of the calibrator.

The turndown ratio is within a certain accuracy range, the ratio of the maximum current to the minimum current. The differential pressure flow sensor can have a large turndown ratio of the sensor itself, but limited by the secondary gauge, it is generally only 31.

Pressure loss flow sensors (except electromagnetic, ultrasonic) have sensing parts ( such as orifice, turbine, etc.) and forced changes in current flowting (such as elbows, Coriolis) will cause irreparable loss of pressure. It will increase the power output to maintain normal operation, some of which are very large, and that should be paid attention to today when energy conservation is advocated.

The output signal is generally a standard analog signal (0~10V, 4~20MA, etc.), which cannot meet the requirements of system development. Communication requires digital signals, ROSEMOUNT launched HART protocol, RS232/RS485 converter, RS232 is limited to 2KM, RS485 can reach 10KM.

Response time The response time of the output signal to the change of the flow parameter. For the control system, the shorter the better, a slower output response is expected for the pulsatile flow.

The performance indicators of the extended performance sensor are mutually limiting. For example, the upper limit of the pressure in the sample is 2MPA; the temperature is 250°C andthe caliber is 1M; the temperature can only be 200°C, and it is impossible to have the same limit value.


Germany HYDAC HYDAC flow sensor They perform their own tasks. Once a HYDAC flow sensor fails, the associated device will not operate normally or even fail. Therefore, the role of the HYDAC current sensor in the car is very important. Automotive current sensors used to be used purely on the engine and have been extended to the electrical systems of the chassis, body and lighting. There are over 100 types of flow sensors used in these systems. The most common of the various flow sensors are: Intake pressure Hydac flow sensor reflects the change of absolute pressure in the intake manifold and is a reference signal to ECU (Engine Electronic Control Unit) to calculate the duration of fuel injection The air flow meter measures the amount of air that is is inhaled by the engine andpasses it to the ECU as a reference signal for the fuel injection time; the throttle position flow sensor measures the throttle valve opening angle and reports it to the ECU as fuel cutoff, fuel/air ratio control and ignition advance angle Modified reference signal; the crankshaft position current sensor detects crankshaft and engine speed and passes it to the ECU as a reference signal for determining ignition timing and operating sequence; the oxygen flow sensor detects the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas and transmits it to the ECU as a control fuel/air ratio The reference signal near the optimum value (theoretical value); the intake air temperature flow sensor detects the intake air temperature and supplies it to the ECU as the basis for the vehicle flow sensor to calculate the air density; the coolant temperature flow sensor detects the temperature of the coolant and sends it to theECU Provide engine temperature information; the knock current sensor is installed on the cylinder block to specifically detect the knocking condition of the engine and transmit it to the ECU to adjust the ignition advance angle according to the signal. These flow sensors are mainly used in transmission, steering, suspension and ABS.


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