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Precautions for selecting water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:54

Many manufacturers currently need a water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester, but domestic test chamber manufacturers have left many users dazed and don\'t know which manufacturer to choose. And what I can help you with is to introduce better aging chambers for xenon lamps. Along the way, let you know the performance of this equipment and what you should pay attention to during the selection process, so that you can make your choice easier.

Qisnun Precision Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a relatively good company in the production of xenon lamp aging testing machines. Their experimental equipment can truly simulate the damage caused by light waves to products in different environments. In order to reduce costs, some test equipment is manufactured. The test equipment is notes the same and there is a big gap in the performance, quality or other aspects of the equipment. However, despite this, many manufacturers continue to sell poor-quality equipment to users at high prices.rice, and after users repurchase it, many problems gradually arise and affect normal use.

In fact, when choosing a xenon lamp aging tester, we need to judge the lamp tube and filter to determine whether they can simulate the different light waves needed for testing so to guarantee that there will be no takeover. The situation is that the instrument cannot meet the testing needs. There is also the equipment blackboard. The temperature of the black mark is also very important and is a factor to consider when purchasing. If you are not very clear about it, you can check the lam aging test chamber firstxenon pes from Standard Group, then compare it with equipment from other manufacturers to choose a test chamber that suits you.

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