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Polyurethane insulation construction professional technology

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Professional process of construction of polyurethane insulation

In the process of iron plate insulation construction It will first need to bond the iron plate insulation with some high temperature glue and the silicate waterproof insulation board, and then seal some gaps with insulation mud, then wrap with fiberglass cloth, paint some waterproof paint and apply the corresponding thin After the aluminum plate is installed, it is this is the first step in the iron sheet insulation construction process.

After completing the first step above, the second step is to use the unformed insulation material. laid on top, and a layer of insulation of 1 cm is applied, and then the thin aluminum sheet is installed and the sealant is applied, so that the second stepis completed.
The third step is to use some stainless steel bands on the outside of the aluminum plate for hoop operation according to some relevant construction needs to prevent falling.
The above three steps are the relevant steps of the construction process of iron sheet insulation. In the construction of iron plate insulation, iron plate edge presses and other equipment are often used. Good equipment can also greatly improve the construction quality Our factory uses The equipment is advanced, the construction is professional, and it is very reliable.If you need this kind of insulation construction, you can contact our iron plate insulation construction team, and we will come to your side as soon as possible to carry out the construction for you.
In the pipeline insulation system, for example, outdoor or underground transportation pipelines can easily cause a large amount of heat lossduring transport, so that the heat is lost enormously when reaching the destination. If there is an iron sheet insulation system, the heat loss will decrease. Key points of pipeline insulation construction:
The insulation material, thickness, outer jacket material and insulation structure of each part of the pipeline insulation construction should be carried out according to the design requirements. When using heat-insulating shells for construction, it is necessary to use heat-insulating shells that meet the design requirements and tie them to the pipe with galvanized iron wires. Each heat-insulating shell must be bonded with two double-stranded galvanized iron wires. The head must be embedded in the opening of the insulating material.

Polyurethane insulation construction

Our company advocates: professional, pragmatic, innovative and efficient enterprise spirit to provide high-quality thermal insulation projects for enterprises in various areas.We are now carrying out thermal insulation projects in various fields at home and abroad, and welcome all walks of life to come to our company for consultation, inquiry and visit.

Insulation material introduction:

(1) Rock wool, glass wool, aluminum silicate And other fibrous insulation materials can allplay a role in insulation during use. This kind of thermal insulation material is effective at high temperatures, which can effectively prevent the internal temperature loss of pipelines and equipment, reduce production costs for enterprises in various fields, and contribute to national energy conservation and environmental protection. This material can be used in a high temperature environment of 1200 ° for a long time without any change and influence.

( 2) Rubber and plastic sponge, polyurethane, high-pressure polyethylene and other materials are used in the temperature range from -70 to 120 ° C. These materials are bonded with adhesive counterparts during construction, which can effectively isolate the outside air and prevent air from entering the interior to form condensation. This mateRial is not only used in cold insulation projects, but also has excellent thermal insulation properties, and is also widely used in heating and outdoor piping and equipment that is afraid of freezing.

<p style=\"margin-bottom: 10px;line-height: 32px;background: rgb(255, 255, 255)\" Polyurethane insulation construction Engaged in pipeline insulation construction, tank insulation construction, iron plate insulation construction, equipment insulation construction, etc., has more than 20 years of experience. Each employee in iron sheet insulation construction has rich installation experience and advanced construction. We not only pay attention to equipment, but also pay attention to the improvement of equipmentur. In terms of installation equipment, we have huge. In general, the equipment and pipelines for the construction of thermal insulation have a very high working temperature or require a high working temperature. Therefore, the iron plate thermal insulation system can dissipate heat, and at the same time the external low temperature environment has an impact on the equipment, which greatly reduces energy consumption. Consumption and loss, bringing great economic benefits and rich products. The production and installation equipment is constantly updated and improved. Iron sheet insulation is commonly used in equipment insulation and pipeline insulation projects, which means adding a layer of iron sheet outside the insulation material. To achieve better thermal insulation effect. Construction and installation are extremely convenient, labor and material saving, elegant and clean appearance, good weather resistance and expensivesolitude.