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PMA 2105 beam splitter adapter sensor

Author: Released in:2024-04-16 Click:27

PMA 2105 beam splitter adapter sensor

PMA 2105 beam splitter adapter sensor

The special installation hardware allows for direct coupling between the 16S solar simulator and the UVB beam splitter sensor.


The spectral response of UVB sensors closely follows the spectrum of erythema interaction. Due to the negligible azimuth error of the built-in PTFE diffusion detector, the rotation of the measurement detector is not sensitive. The extended measurement range is 600 MED/Hr, which can measure strong radiation.


In collaboration with the solar simulator and XPS200 xenon lamp power supply, PMA2100 and PMA2105 sensors can serve as intelligent dose controllers/monitors, significantly improving the functionality of the solar simulator.


The measurement result shows MED/Hr,? W/cm2 and time accumulation of 1 MED represent. The high dynamic range of this detector allows for a radiation intensity of 0.1? Measurement between W/cm2 and 3.5 mW/cm2.


The bioavailability of ultraviolet radiation is strongest when the wavelength is between 280 and 320 nanometers, and CIE classifies it as UVB. The most commonly used, erythema action spectrum, also known as CIE 1987 action spectrum, represents the sensitivity of human skin to sunburn.


Product application

The PMA2105 UVB sensor can accurately measure the solar simulator's biologically weighted ultraviolet radiation.


technical parameter

Scope: 600 MED/Hr, 10 MED/min, 3500? W/cm2, 6 sec-10 Hrs

Display resolution: 0.02MED/Hr, 0.001 MED/min, 0.1? W/cm2, 1 hh: mm: ss

Operating environment: 32-120 ° F (0-50 ° C) without precipitation

Temperature coefficient: 0.1%/° C

Cable: 5ft 1.5m

Diameter: 1.6 "(40.6 mm)

Height: 1.8 "(45.8 mm)

Weight: 7.1 ounces (200 grams)