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Pilling Tester Main Structure HERE معدات اختبار

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:179

Product Description:

ICI Pilling Tester is used for rubbing pilling test of fine woolen carded fabrics and other easily pilling fabrics to evaluate their pilling properties under harsh conditions. discharged. Pilling note.


Put the 105 mm × 105 mm samples in the test box, under the rotation of the wheel, the storage box cork liner will continue to randomly rub, set the timer to the specified time, and when the set time is reached, there will be a sound solid, indicating that the test is over. During the test, compressed air is blown into the test chamber to improve rotation, and the air pressure can be adjusted.

Technical Parameters:

1. Sample Test Room: 4;

2. Each test chamber is equipped with rotating stainless steel bladesdable;

3. Equipped with a test chamber requiring good sealing;


4. Equipped with a digital electronic counter;

5. Equipped with an alarm device at the end of the experiment;

6. Equipped with pressure gauge and timer.

7. Drum Specification: 146×152mm

8. Cork Liner Specification: 452×146 × 1.5mm ( L ×W×H)

9. Stirring rod specification: L=121mm,

10. Speed: 1200r/ min

11. Atmospheric pressure: 0.014~0.021MPa

Conforms to Standard:

ASTM D3512 GB/T 4802.4 ISO 12945.3 JIS L1076-D

Main Structure:

(1) Grinding head movement:

The speed trajectory of the grinding head in the instrument directly affects the effect of friction between the sample and the abrasive. This instrumentIt uses a JX 07 capacitor motor, and the speed is hard by reducing the first-stage worm gear installed in the gearbox. The speed ratio is 1:Han, so the grinding head can reach a speed of 60 revolutions per minute. The movement of the grinding head is driven by the eccentric convex nail. The alternate cross of the carriage moves the sample and the abrasive back and forth. The eccentric distance of the eccentric convex nail determines the size of the trajectory. The instrument motion trace selects a circle with a diameter of 40 mm (many compound circles). When the forward and reverse switches are toggled, you get a clockwise or counterclockwise trajectory.

It is assumed in the test that this type of circular motion track is symmetric, so there is no requirement for the longitudinal and latitudinal directionssample ale, and there is no requirement for them proanxiety direction. It requires and guarantees the uniformity of the friction movement of each point. Also, in terms of structural design, we use the brush on the bottom and the sample on the top so that abrasive dirt and sundries do not remain on the friction sample and affect the test. Effect.

(2) Sample print:

Sample print size is related to pilling. The second form factor, this instrument uses the direct pressure method, the mechanism is simple and efficient, and the grinding head is equipped with five handles (ie pressure hammer), which can be selected according to the regulations for the different types of raw materials. When linting for a 500-800 gram test, the position of the sample should match the position of the brush. Due to the difference of pressure, the sample can receive a pressure of 13 to 21 grams per square centimeter. If you continue with the pilling test, you only need to loosen the set screw on one side of the grinding arc, slide the arc, hold the brush away from the specimen, hold the specimen and the pilling abrasive in a corresponding position, then fix the positioning screw. To be clear, pilling has different pressurization conditions, and pilling must occur under conditions of fairly intense relative friction, so it is hoped that there will be greater pressurization pressure, and the formation of pilling occurs mainly under light pressure. This occurs under friction conditions, so the pressurization pressure should be low and it is advisable to seize it.

This problem has been taken into account when designing this instrument, so that the height of the bow of crushedge is adjustable. It can ensure that the pilling is under pressure in the free state, and the pilling can cause the sample and the grinding medium only has elastic friction; or wear the same pressure when pilling to ensure that the pilling shape in the test and the pilling shape in the actual wear are consistent.

(3) Selection of abrasives:

When this instrument is used for the pilling test, it uses pure wool gabardine 2201 A nylon wire brush is used when using the 10mm thick plastic foam pad as sanding dust. Since these two types of abrasives are readily available and have a long service life, conditions are created for stable test data. The length of the bristles on the brush signifies the deflection of the bristles when the test force is applied. In general, short hair is strong, long hair isand weak, and the hairs formed vary considerably. When the length is more than 25mm, the ends of the bristles may be slightly bent, causing the fluff effect to be impaired and the life of the brush to be reduced. Ideal results can be achieved with a length of approximately 15mm. Before the new brush is officially used in the machine, it must be clean. After 2-3 years of normal use, the brush will start to age and affect the fluffiness. Replace the brush with the same specification.

(4) Counting and automatic stop:

Counting and automatic stop are Indispensable instruments, we use the JDM-41 four-digit electromagnetic counter to accumulate the number of tests. There is a fixed value sending mechanism. When the number of tests reaches the specified stable value, the instrument will automatically stop rotating and the stop indicator automatic will send a signal。

Using this type of counter will reduce the labor intensity of the test operation (Thoughts do not need be very focused). It can make the next test be performed after pressing the reset button. Usage The meter should pay attention to the following: ① Lightly press the reset button; ② When adjusting the stabilization value, press the reset button to push the transparent arc cover, and be careful not to let the oil come into contact with the word wheel. ③ The transparent cover of the arc must be closed according to the specification of the stabilization value. Otherwise, the signal cannot be sent and cannot be counted.