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Oscillatory wear tester

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Oscillatory wear tester

Oscillatory wear tester

Compliant with standards:


Applicable scope:

The Oscillatory Wear Tester, also known as the Wyzenbeek Wear Tester, tests the wear resistance of fabrics against standard friction media or metal mesh surfaces. It is particularly suitable for testing the wear resistance of fabrics used in automotive decoration and furniture. The instrument regulation is an American standard with four friction heads and an electronic counter to control the operating cycle.

Experimental principle:

Install the long strip sample fabric on the front and rear fixtures of the friction head, and apply a certain tension. On the circular arc friction table, install the friction medium to make the sample come into contact with the friction medium, and apply a certain load to the sample. The friction table swings back and forth to rub the sample, and after a certain number of frictions, the change in the fracture strength of the sample is evaluated.

Instrument features:

1. Modern ergonomic design;

2. The suction device is connected to the auxiliary vacuum cleaner;

3. The sealed transmission device ensures quiet operation.

Technical parameters:

1. Test head: 4 sets;

2. Friction table: curved surface - R100mm, length -40mm;

3. Swinging arc: 76 ± 2 mm;

4. Friction rate: 90 ± 1/min (double friction);

5. Tension adjustment weight: 340g (tension adjustment range 8.9N-22.25N);

6. Load adjustment weight: 150g (load adjustment range 8.9N-17.8N);

7. Sample tension: 17.8N (adjustable);

8. Sample load: 13.4N (adjustable);

9. Sponge rubber pressure pad: 50 × 50mm (± 1mm);

10. Instrument material: stainless steel;

11. Surface treatment: painting;

12. Sample size: 245 x 73 mm;

13. Boundary dimensions: 50 x 50 x 60cm (length x width x height);

14. Weight: 75kg;

15. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 0.5A.

Accessories and consumables:

Rubber pads (8 pieces/pack)

Metal mesh - Wyzenbeek (4 pieces/pack)

Standard Abrasive # 10 Cotton Canvas -60 inches x 5 yards

Fine sandpaper, clean rubber pads

Nylon brush, medium soft bristle