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oscillating wear resistance tester / Wyzenbeek wear tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:157

Main application:
Oscillatory Abrasion Tester/Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester to test the abrasion resistance of fabrics against standard friction media or metal mesh and other curved surfaces, especially suitable for Abrasion Test of Automotive Upholstery and furniture textile, Apparatus Regulations American Standard, with 4 rubbing heads and electronic counters to monitor the operating cycle.

Complies with standard:
ASTM D4157, ASTM D3597, FED-STD-191/5304, SAE J948, SAE J1530, GM 2756M, TOYOTA, BS EN ISO 12402-2

Test principle:
The strip-shaped sample fabric is installed on the front and rear fittings of the friction head , and apply a certain tension to the arcuate friction table, install the friction medium, make the sample contact with the friction medium, and apply a certain load to the sample, the friction table swings back and forth to rub the samplestar, after a certain number of rubs, evaluate the breaking strength of the sample.

Technical parameters:
1. Test head: 4 groups;
2. Friction table: arc surface-R100mm, length -400mm ;
3. Swing arc: 76 ± 2 mm;
4. Friction speed: 90 ± 1/min (double friction);
5. Tension adjustment weight: 340g (applied to the force on the sample can be adjusted from 4.45 to 26.7N);
6. Load adjustment weight: 150g (adjusted from 4.45 to 15.575N);
7. Sample tension: 17.8N (adjustable) ;
8. Sample load: 13.4N (adjustable);
9. Sponge rubber pressure pad: 50×50 mm (±1 mm);
10. Sample size: 245×73 mm;
11. Dimensions: 50×50×60cm (length×width×height);
12. Weight: 75kg;
13. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 0.05A.

1. Rubber mat (8pcs/pack);
2. Metal mesh-Wyzenbeek (4/pack) ;
3. Standard Sandpaper #10 Cotton Canvas - 60 inch x 5 yards;
4. Fine sandpaper, rubber cleaning pad;
5. Nylon brush, medium soft bristles.

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