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Operation Steps of G287 Dry Microbial Penetration Performance Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:65

G287 dry microbial penetration resistance tester is a testing equipment independently developed and produced by our company, qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to measure the material impedance of bacterial penetration on large or small dry particles. ranges of human dander. Transparency.

Complies with standards:

ISO 22612 Protective clothing against infectious agents, resistance to dry microbial penetration test method

YY/T 0506.5-2009 Surgical drapes, surgical gowns and clean clothing for patients, medical personnel and instruments Part 5: Test method for resistance to penetration of dry microorganisms

Main parameters:

Vibration form: pneumatic ball vibrator

Vibration frequency: 20800 times/min

Vibra forcetion: 650N

Workbench size: 40 cm × 40 cm × 10 mm

Workbench support: marble slab

Experimental container:Stainless steelexperimental container

Workstations: 6

Negative pressure range of the cabinet : -50Pa~-200Pa

High filter filtration efficiency: better than 99.99%

Pressure cabinet ventilation flow negative: ≥5m3/min

Data storage capacity: 100,000 Groups

Operating voltage: 220 V 50 HZ

Operation steps:

First: prepare the accessories and test samples;

Turn on the power switch of the instrument and enter the LCD display interface;

Set the vibration frequency and running time and other parameters;

Turn on the lighting and sterilization and carry out thea sterilization;

Cut the sterile test into a size of 20 cm by 20 cm. Put the sample into the test container;

Close the lid and push the sample with the plunger to control the degree of relaxation of the sample;

Add approximately 0.5 grams of contaminated slip powder;

Insert the Petri dish into the narrow opening at the bottom of the container;

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Seal the top and side openings with tape;

Put 5 containers with slippery powder and do not add any slippery powder to the sixth container ;

Put 6 testers into the instrument to test the platform;

Click [Start] on the screen;

Run at a frequency of 20,800 per minute for 30 minutes;

It will automatically stop when the set time is reached and remove the container;

Remove the adhesive tapeIf, remove the petri dish and incubate it in a 35 degree Celsius environment for 24 hours. and count the colonies. , the effective sample should have a reading of 0 in the control box, otherwise it means there is external contamination and the test should be stopped;

Repeat the steps of test above, test at least two groups, and calculate the average of 10 valid results, as the final result.