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Operation steps of G229P pneumatic fabric bursting instrument

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-12 Click:42

G229P Pneumatic Fabric Burst Tester is a device independently produced by our company, Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It uses air pressure method to conduct test experiments. The specimen supports air distribution sample clamping system, which is labor-saving and non-slip. It is suitable for measuring various expansion forces and expansion degrees of textiles, non-wovens, leather, surgical gowns, protective equipment, etc. when stressed in all directions at the same time.

Test principle:

Use a circular holder to clamp the sample on the extended diaphragm and apply gas pressure under the diaphragm. The diaphragm and the sample are expanded and pressurized at a constant rate until the sample ruptures, and the expansion force and expansibility are measured.és.

Operation steps:

First: place accessories and test samples Get ready;

Turn on the power switch of the instrument;

Enter the operation interface of the LCD display;

Set the number of tests, temperature, humidity and tightening method, etc. ;

According to the test requirements, select the corresponding test cup size;

Place the test cup on the clamping position of the instrument;

Place the test sample under the test cup;

Press the tightening buttons on both sides, the cup will test will drop and press Clamp Sample;

On the screen, click [Continue];

Click [Start];

The sample exploded under air pressure;

The instruments automatically obtained the test data results;

Finally, the diaphragm was calibrated and the sample was removed, perform an air test;

At the end of the test, turn off the instrument;

Based on the test results, the bursting strength, bursting height, and force bursting and other physical property parameters to evaluate the bursting strength of the material.