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Ohio State University has developed a new type of industrial magnetic dynamic polymer composite material

Author:QINSUN Released in:2024-03 Click:21

The joint research team of Ohio State University and Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a new type of magnetic dynamic polymer composite material, which can achieve remote control of magnetic driven soft material modular fusion welding assembly, magnetization distribution re editing, and complex three-dimensional structure processing and reconstruction. This achievement was published in Advanced Materials.

The ability of traditional magnetic drive soft materials to undergo in situ on-demand reprogramming deformation is limited. The team designed a thermally reversible crosslinked elastomer based on the Diels Alder reaction as the matrix, uniformly dispersing micron sized neodymium magnetic boron hard magnetic particles within it. Due to the thermal reversibility of the matrix reaction, the material exhibits a reversible elastic-plastic transition. By controlling the temperature field and magnetic field, polymer network rearrangement or selective rotation of magnetic particles can occur inside the composite material, achieving reshaping and reprocessing of the material structure and magnetization, demonstrating excellent multifunctionality, including magnetic assisted modular assembly and welding, repeated programming of magnetization distribution, and permanent shape reconstruction of the structure. At room temperature, the material maintains the remote and rapid reversible driving characteristics of magnetic driven soft materials, allowing the complex structures processed to be driven to deformation on demand.

This study proposes for the first time magnetic dynamic polymer materials for processing magnetic driven soft materials with complex shapes and magnetization distributions, achieving highly customized and programmable shapes and driving modes of magnetic driven materials, and can be extended to material systems containing different stimulus responsive dynamic polymer material matrices and magnetic characteristic particles.