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Moisture Permeability Analyzer

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Moisture Permeability Analyzer

Moisture Permeability Analyzer

The moisture permeability analyzer measures the water vapor permeability by the conditions that a variety of materials are applied. The test conditions can simulate the actual application environment. The test results are accurate and reproducible.

This analyzer can be used to measure the advanced function of water vapor permeability according to humidity, temperature, and pressure gradient. Two gas streams with known humidity can pass through both sides of the sample. The humidity, temperature and pressure on both sides of the sample are maintained at the desired level. The water vapor transmission rate is calculated by the measured temperature, pressure, humidity and gas flow rate.


The water vapor transmittance analyzer measures the water vapor permeability of porous materials (such as textiles, leather, man-made materials, films, nonwovens, and fabrics used in many high-tech parts and a variety of industrial manufactured consumer goods) . This instrument can uniquely measure the steam permeability in a wide range of humidity, humidity gradients, temperature and pressure in the application environment.


1. The desired humidity of any sample’s surface can be maintained.

2. Any desired pressure gradient can be obtained.

3. Can get any desired temperature.

4. The pressure gradient of the pressure tank can be applied simultaneously.

5. A very wide range of flat samples can be used.

6. Automatically execute the tests, data acquisition, data storage, and data simplification.

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Humidity Range 0-100%
Temperature range Room temperature to 100℃
Differential pressure accuracy 0.15%
Mass flow sensor accuracy 1%
Mass flow controller accuracy 1%