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Method Of Wear Resistant Test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2017-06 Click:1422

Leather is damaged during use, due to rolling friction and sliding friction, as well as the bending and compression deformation occurred at this time. Among them, mainly the rolling friction, the specific form of abrasive abrasive (ground hard spots) on the leather fiber tissue cutting and tearing.

Method Of Wear Resistant Test Method Of Wear Resistant Test

Before the test to prepare the test piece of material required for the grinding wheel (wear wheel), the use of the skin of the grinding wheel (rubber wheel) customers have a few pieces of fine sandpaper to do with grinding wheel calibration.

After the standard test piece (outer diameter 108mm, inner diameter 8mm, thickness 3mm), the double-sided adhesive tape is attached to the back of the test piece and the other side of the sticker is removed.Four.

Verify that the supply voltage is AC220V, 50HZ

Raise the test rod arm, and then start the power supply first try to run, check the machine is running properly, and then set the test arm and dust arm off, remove the test piece fixed nut and "gasket (circle)",Use a wrench to loosen the retaining ring screw and lift the retaining ring.

Place the prepared fine sandpaper into a model of the test piece, the center hole on the screw, the gasket set, with a test piece fixed nut, the fine sandpaper fixed on the disc.

will be fixed on the trap, the sandpaper flattened, with the wrench will be fixed ring, fixed nut lock.

Select the grinding wheel according to the standard of the test and remove the grinding wheel nut, then install the grinding wheel, then tighten the fixed.

According to the test standard in the weight of the weight required to place the weight (the test machine placed the weight of 750g)

Set the test revolution number to 50 times (according to the different needs of the test can set the number of test cycles), the test arm and dust arm down, open the power switch and vacuum cleaner switch, adjust the air volume, open the motor switch that line to startTheRubber grinding wheel, each operation test piece wear test before, all to fine grinding wheel grinding 50 times

After 50 times of sandpaper, turn off the power and remove the sandpaper according to the opposite steps 4, 5, 6, 7 and place the test piece in steps 4, 5, 6, 7.

Set the number of test turns to l000 times, with a plastic patch stick on the sand on the sand, check the double-sided tape is a smooth test film will be affixed to the test disc, and then repeat the 10 steps.

When you set the number of quizzes, you will automatically stop working.

After stopping, with a small brush to remove the leather surface of the sand layer, and remove the test piece together with the double-sided tape to fine scales weighing, to the decimal point below the four, and record, according to the formula can be calculated .