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Medical Patch Retention Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:135

Product introduction

Medical plaster The Retention Tester performs a static load test on the tape\'s adhesion and automatically counts the time the tape can hold under a certain load to confirm tape aging.

Technical parameters:

Instrument model: FLR-104 ten-group medical patch retention tester

1. Test temperature: normal temperature

2. Test setup: 10 groups

3. Test weight: 1kg, 10 pieces

4 Timer: 10 groups, 99h99m60s

5. Test steel plate: SUS#304, 10 pieces

6. Connector: 10 pieces

7. Machine size : 53×25×65cm (W×D×H)

8. Machine weight: about 36kg

9. The test system complies with the specification: GB/T4851 ,CNS11888, PSTC7

Device description:

(1) Test stuk: The test piece is made of SUS 304 (27CP) specified by CNS cold rolled stainless steel plate Or SUS 3042 (40CP) steel plate with a thickness of 1.5-2.0mm, cut into a width of 50mm and a length of about 125 mm, and grind the surface completely along the longitudinal direction with sandpaper No. 280 specified by CNS1072 water-resistant sandpaper.

(2) Rolling device: The pressing wheel of the pressing device has a width of 45mm, a diameter of 82mm and a metal roller with a mass of 2000±50g. The outer layer is covered with a spring according to the hardness test method of vulcanized rubber CNS3555. It is made of a rubber layer with a hardness of Hs 80 ± 5 and a thickness of about 6 mm. Whether manual or electric during the test. The test piece can only be pressed with the quality of the pressure roller itself.

Test steps

1. Cut a strip of tape 2.5 cm wide and stick it to the specified SUS#304 stainless steel plate;

2. Use a standard 2kg roll roller to roll back and forth three times at a speed of about 300mm per minute so that the tape sticks evenly to the steel plate;

3. Hang the steel plate on the hook of the test machine, reset the timers and add the specified weight;

4. When the tape falls off the steel plate, the timer automatically maintains the test time;5. Record the test time to evaluate the durability of the adhesive tape.

Note: It is necessary to confirm whether the timer is cleared when hanging the weight!