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Mask filtration efficiency tester

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Mask filtration efficiency tester

Mask filtration efficiency tester

Both salt and oil tests are applicable, and the mask filtration efficiency tester is used for testing the protective effect and filtration efficiency of daily protective and medical masks and respirators against particulate matter.

Application scope:

Applicable to medical device inspection centers, safety protection inspection centers, labor protection inspection centers, drug inspection centers, disease prevention and control centers, hospitals, mask and respirator production enterprises, etc.

Applicable standards:

GB2626 Respiratory protective equipment - Self suction filter type anti particle respirator GB32610-2016 Technical specifications for daily protective masks

YY0469-2011 Medical Surgical Mask

GB19082-2009 Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing

GB19083-2010 Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks

Quick loop testing system:

Fully automatic control of working status without the need for manual monitoring

No manual monitoring required, maximizing time and labor cost savings

Is it a user-friendly testing interface, with guided settings to avoid accidental operations

Advanced detection accessories ensure more reliable test results

Realize continuous operation, reduce downtime and operator workload

Basic structure:

Dust generation system - compressed filtered air system combined with aerosol generator to provide a certain amount of test dust

Test chamber - main test chamber and sample clamping

Monitoring and regulation system - pressure monitoring and regulation, providing a dynamic testing environment

Result Display and Analysis System - Monitor the transmission of aerosols and display test results

Technical parameters:

1. Particle size distribution generated by aerosol generator: 0.02-2 μ M.

2. Aerosol concentration detection device:

Concentration ≤ 30mg/m3, detection dynamic range: 0.0-999.9mg/m3, accuracy of 1%, sampling frequency: ≥ 1 time/min, and equipped with a device to neutralize the charge of the aerosol generator.

3. Test head mold: National standard head mold.

4. Respiratory simulator: Sinusoidal airflow, mask particle protection effectiveness tester, frequency 20 times/min, respiratory flow rate (30 ± 1) L/min, mask particle protection effectiveness tester, adjustable breathing speed.

5. Filtering efficiency detection range: 0-99.999%.

6. Computer controlled testing process, equipped with dedicated computers and testing software.

7. Computer automatic testing and display: testing the concentration of the medium in the chamber, the concentration of the inhaled gas medium, and the background concentration; Automatic calculation display: filtering efficiency, protection effect; Can save, output, query, and print test data.